Male and female He created them

The National Catholic Register has a good article on responses to the latest dangerous trend sweeping many of our schools: the attempt to erase the difference between men and women, because they are taught that they are arbitrary and changeable.   We see this playing out in many spheres of life, from the threat to girls sports as boys pretending to be girls play on their teams, to far more serious threats such as states where children can take harmful treatments to “change” their gender without their parents’ consent. This stands in direct contradiction to the truth that God created us male and female, in His image, as part of His divine plan for human love (see Genesis 1:27-28)

The article includes summaries of Pope Francis’ teaching on the topic (and the Vatican document he promulgated) as well as an excellent pastoral letter on the topic by an American bishop, His Excellency Michael Burbidge of Arlington, Va.

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