The 7 Sacraments of the Church

All sacraments are an encounter with Christ, who is himself the original sacrament. There are Sacraments of Initiation, which introduce the recipient into the faith: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. There are Sacraments of Healing: Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick. And there are Sacraments of Communion and Mission: Matrimony and Holy Orders.

Those requesting a specific Sacrament should contact the parish office. (Call (513) 734-4041 for St. Mary or (513) 553-3267 for St. Peter).


Joins us with Christ. It is the sacrament of “welcome into the Church.” Baptism frees us from original sin and all sin and unites us with Jesus. At Baptism we begin our journey of faith. 

We invite expectant parents to register for Baptism one month before the birth of your child. Your baby’s initiation into the Catholic faith requires that you attend a preparation class, be registered in the parish, and prepare yourself for the continuing responsibility of raising your child as a Catholic.


The sacrament of the real presence of Jesus Christ with us under the appearance of bread and wine. The word Eucharist means “thanksgiving.” The Eucharist unites us with Jesus and the church community.  Jesus is present in his word, in the people gathered, and in the priest who celebrates the Mass.


The sacrament that celebrates God’s loving forgiveness. We prepare for the celebration of Reconciliation by examining our conscience. Confession reconciles us with Christ. Confessions are heard at St. Peters on the first and third Saturdays from 4:15 to 4:45 PM and at St. Mary’s on the second and fourth Saturdays from 3:15 to 3:45 PM. Communal Penance Services occur during Advent and Lent, alternating between parishes. 


Strengthens us in the new life we received at Baptism and helps us share the good news of Jesus with others. Confirmation gives us His Spirit. 

Anointing of the Sick

Celebrates God’s love and healing power.  Through this sacrament, Christ brings healing, comfort, consolation and strength to the seriously ill, the elderly and those close to death. Please contact Fr. Reutter at your parish office; (513) 734-4041 for St. Mary’s or (513) 553-3267 for St. Peter’s if you are going into the hospital for surgery or for other needs. The sacrament can also be celebrated during or after a liturgy. Of course, should there be an emergency situation or you or someone in your family is incapacitated, the priest can come to the hospital, your home or other location.

Anointing of the Sick may be preceded by the sacrament of Reconciliation and followed by Eucharist. The sacrament may be repeated if the recipient suffers from a different illness or injury or if the same condition becomes more serious. Please call (513) 734-4041 for St. Mary or (513) 553-3267 for St. Peter. In case of emergency, please call your parish office and press “9” for the emergency phone. 


Celebrates the commitment of a man and a woman to each other for as long as they live. In the sacrament of Matrimony the man and woman’s love for each other is a sign of God’s love for all people and Christ’s love for the Church. Engaged couples should contact Fr. Reutter at least 8 months before setting the desired date. (Call your parish office.)

Holy Orders

The sacrament that celebrates the ordination of deacons, priests and bishops to serve the Church in a special way. Holy Orders give priests the privilege of forgiving sins and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Please contact Fr. Reutter at your parish office or the Archdiocese Vocation Office (513) 421-3131.

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