Show and Then Tell

Seeing is believing. This is the fifth law in Terry Barber’s book: How to Share Your Faith with Anyone: A Practical Manual for Catholic Evangelization.

Catholic churches have a lot of physical components. Holy water, religious art, statues, the book of the  Gospel, incense, bells, relics, altars, the tabernacle, the true presence of Christ!

Invite someone to Mass or Adoration and afterwards be a tour guide.

Explain when applying holy water we remember our baptism, leave the world behind us and enter into God’s presence when we enter the church. Talk about the Divine Mercy painting, share its history and what it means to you. Mention the baptismal font and talk about the need for baptism. Share the joy you encounter knowing how your sins are forgiven as you walk past the confessional. Show your reverence for the presence of God in our sanctuaries.

Jesus applied this same principle of show and then tell. Jesus was standing in the temple court (show) when he answered the Jews: “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2 (tell). There are many other examples.

Be sensitive to the person you are sharing with. No need to shock with relics or statues if your disciple isn’t quite ready for that yet.

Carry a Bible with you. When explaining a particular Catholic doctrine to a Bible-believing Christian have him read the scriptures  and explain  for himself.

Share the Gospel with someone today!

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