PREP (which stands for Parish Religious Education Program) is the religious education program for our children in grades PK-6.  We have two separate PREP programs for both parishes, although we do have some events that include both parishes throughout the year.

PREP is in place to assist parents in their role as the primary educators of their children in the Faith.  Studies show, as well as Christian wisdom, that children will often follow the example of their parents regarding how they practice their faith when they grow up.  So, children whose parents were not faithful to Christianity most likely will not follow Christ faithfully either; children whose parents were strong in their faith will most likely follow Christ as an adult.  And if you’re somewhere in the middle, odds are your children will follow where you lead.

As you can tell from the previous paragraph, religious education is much more than a Sunday classroom.  It’s learning about God, but also learning how to be a good Christian, which is learned by experience.  To put it simply, religion is caught, not taught.

However, there’s more complex parts of theology that, although parents believe it, they may not be able to explain clearly on their own.  That’s where PREP comes in.  Our religious education classes can teach these concepts, help kids learn new prayers, and integrate them into the parish community.

To get involved as a catechist, a catechist aide, or in some other role, don’t hesitate to contact your parish office for more information!

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