Father Reutter

Father Reutter

Fathers who Provide

This year we are facing the unusual coincidence of Father’s Day and the solemn feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (a.k.a. Corpus Christi). There is more of a connection between these two observances than might meet the eye. One of the main roles of a father is to provide for his

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Uniting in our Faith

I have a good friend from the Czech Republic whom I met while I was a graduate student. His family were devout Catholics and his parents lived through the time when committed Christians there were severely persecuted for their faith, because of the hatred of the Church on the part of the ruling Communist Party.

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My Three Mothers

When I was very young, there was a TV sitcom my family used to watch called “My Three Sons,” starring Fred MacMurray as a widower raising three boys. I don’t have any sons of course but in the month of May I like to think of how grateful I am for “My Three Mothers.” That’s

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