Texas abortion law reaction

 UPDATED: 9 Sep. 2021

The State of Texas recently passed a law, SB8, to restrict the killing of children in the womb who are more than six weeks old.  

As expected, this has caused a furious reaction from the pro-abortion forces.

Perhaps unexpected was that it was upheld, at least temporarily, by the Supreme Court of the U.S.

That is in part due to its clever legal construction which makes private citizens the “enforcers” of the law rather than government entities.

Sadly, and exactly as expected, Mr. Biden (a baptized Catholic who is increasingly rejecting the central truths of the faith)  is directing the federal Department of Justice to undermine the law.   Mr. Biden has recently claimed that he “respectfully disagrees” with those who believe that life begins at conception.  The cardinal archbishop of Washington, D.C., has reacted to that statement.

The problem with Mr. Biden’s statement is not only that it contradicts Catholic teaching, but also that it contradicts basic embryology and science

This is an important case with important ramifications not just for the State of Texas but for the future of the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.  Please pray for all those seeking to end abortion by means of the law, prayer, and conversion of hearts. 

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