Keep it Simple

The first law included in Terry Barber’s book: How to Share Your Faith with Anyone: A Practical Manual for Catholic Evangelization is: Keep it simple.

Jesus often connected to people in familiar ways. He spoke in stories using farm life, sowing seed, trimming plants, chopping trees, working in a garden. Jesus used examples from everyday life, losing or finding an important article, filling lamps with oil, paying taxes. Two-thousand years later we may start our story by sharing how your cellphone turned up or when you gassed up your generator before a big storm.

Present the Gospel in simple words. People can only absorb so much at one time. “Jesus  born out of the Virgin Mary, God becoming a man living on earth, dying for our sin, and rising up” That is a lot to take in for anyone new to the Gospel.

This is not the time to get too philosophical, doctrinal, or to share all the exciting details you learned in your Fundamental Basic Moral Theology class. These things come later.

Consider sharing something you read in your Bible recently, a few words from a homily you heard, or how the Lord touched you during Mass. Connect with the other person. Share the Gospel in simple words. Plant a seed. Invite the person to Mass.

Listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Share the Gospel with someone today!

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