Because of Our Fathers – Tyler Rowley

Twenty-three Catholics Tell How Their Fathers Led Them to Christ

A father has a crucial role and responsibility as the spiritual leader of his family. Many problems in the Church and culture today can be traced back to fathers neglecting this responsibility, and failing to realize that their children’s relationship with God depends predominantly on their example.

The man as the spiritual head of the household is not an outdated Biblical cliché, but rather a spiritual, biological, and sociological truth that modern man has forgotten. The results have been cataclysmic for our modern culture and Church.

Because of Our Fathers makes the compelling case for a father’s essential and primary role in the spiritual lives of his children in three ways: 1) Presenting clear Church teaching on parenting and fatherhood 2) Presenting strong evidence from studies on the crucial role of the father 3) Testimonies of twenty Catholic men and women whose fathers inspired them to love Christ and his Church.

These powerful testimonies will inspire men to consider more carefully the amazing privilege and gift that God has given them to be living examples of the love and faithfulness of our Father in Heaven. Among those telling stories about their fathers are well-known Catholic leaders such as Patrick Madrid, Abby Johnson, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Fr. Paul Scalia, Jesse Romero, Fr. Rocky, Anthony Esolen, Christopher Check, and Fr. Gerald Murray. The other contributors give additional powerful testimonies of their fathers’ influence that led them to the Catholic Church.

Our families, culture and Church will continue to suffer, says Tyler Rowley, until an authentic Catholic fatherhood is restored among the faithful. Speaking directly to Catholic men today, Rowley uses the moving stories of these twenty fathers to inspire them to educate their children in the faith, and not allow our modern culture to replace their Christian identity.

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